met with specialists from the Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies of St Petersburg University.

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Dr Abbas is the founder of the Digestive Disease Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, one of the top 3 clinics in the world.

During the meeting, clinicians from the University Clinic and their colleagues from the United Arab Emirates discussed the potential for cooperation. 'There is a lot of work ahead of us to organise joint scientific projects and share clinical experience. We are also planning to hold a major international conference on colorectal surgery in 2022, where we expect to see world-renowned specialists,' said Rostislav Pavlov, Deputy Director of the Medical Part (Oncology) at the Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies.

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The meeting was attended by: Yury Fedotov, Director of the Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies; Dmitry Shkarupa, Assistant Director for Medical Care Administration; and doctors and clinical residents of the Pavlenko Centre for Oncology at the University Clinic.

Professor Maher Abbas has been operating for nearly 25 years and has conducted more than 15,000 successful operations and treatments. Dr Abbas is the author of over 150 scientific publications.

Dr Abbas spent the day observing the work of the clinical departments and the surgical unit. The professor, together with colleagues from St Petersburg, visited the division of oncology and talked to patients before taking part in discussions with doctors and clinical residents about the most difficult clinical cases. He noted the individual approach of the University specialists to the treatment of patients.

The personal experience of the surgeons at the Centre for Oncology at the Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies at St Petersburg University exceeds 3,000 operations.

Completing his visit, Dr Maher Abbas made several suggestions regarding the scientific work of the Centre for Oncology and the training of clinical residents.