St Petersburg University has taken first place in the overall and cumulative rankings of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The latter is based on the performance of universities associated with the foundation’s scholarship and grant programmes over the past three years. In both ranked lists, the University became the best among 75 Russian universities.

The results of the overall and cumulative rankings are available on the Foundation’s website.

The overall ranking of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation takes into account: involvement of university students in the Fellowship competition; share of university students – winners of the competition, among the total number of participants from the university; number of university professors – winners of the Grant competition; and other criteria. The cumulative ranking unites the achievements of universities in the same indicators over the past three years.

Thus, in addition to St Petersburg University, the top three leaders in the overall ranking of 2021 are Lomonosov Moscow State University (2nd place) and ITMO University (3rd place). Top three of the 2019–2021 cumulative rankings are Lomonosov Moscow State University (2nd place) and Ural Federal University (3rd place).

As noted in the Foundation, in comparison with last year, the methodology for identifying the winner has been adjusted. One of the main factors that influenced its change was a significant increase in the number of students and staff participating in fellowship and grant competitions.

We always take into account the indicators of the cumulative ranking in order to record systemic trends and avoid errors. I would like to note that many universities in our ranking have retained their positions for several years, and we congratulate them with these results.

Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the Potanin Foundation

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation publishes the annual ranking list of Russian universities that assesses the activity of master’s students and teachers of graduate programmes in the foundation’s fellowship and grant competitions. The employees of the organisation are convinced that the ranking data makes it possible to independently judge the state of the social and academic environment of Russian universities.

Note that in the 2020/21 academic year, 750 people were recognised as winners of the Fellowship Programme of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. In total, over 5,700 applications were submitted to the competition. The winners included 62 master’s students from the University. This is the highest result among all universities, which enables St Petersburg University to get to the top of the rankings.