More than 50 distinguished mathematicians from Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and other countries are taking part in the online conference organised by St Petersburg University and the Euler International Mathematical Institute. Among the organisers is Nikita Kalinin, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University.

The conference is aimed at a professional audience of specialists in real algebraic geometry. Mathematicians give presentations on their areas of scientific interest and then discuss their own findings with other conference participants. Such a format makes it possible to delve deeper into related areas of mathematics and get expert comments from colleagues from other countries.

Nikita Kalinin, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University, is Chair of the Programme Committee. He points out that it is no accident that the conference on real algebraic geometry is being held in St Petersburg.

It was at St Petersburg University (Leningrad State University) that the distinguished Soviet mathematician Vladimir Rokhlin began his professional career after returning from the war.

‘Here Vladimir Rokhlin created the world famous Leningrad topological school. Many of its members are alive and continue working now all over the world. St Petersburg is therefore a landmark place. It is here that real algebraic geometry, which was practiced by scientists of Rokhlin’s school, was born. Most of the conference participants today are scientific descendants of Vladimir Rokhlin, internationally recognised scientists,’ said Nikita Kalinin.