The details and registration form for the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science AI Journey 2021 are available on the website of the conference.

Researchers from St Petersburg University will be speaking at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science AI Journey 2021. This conference will be held online on 10 to 12 November. Such events bring together representatives of international organisations, businesses, the scientific community, and technical specialists.

Experts from St Petersburg University will present their reports during Day 2 of the conference. It will be devoted to science and AI technologies. Konstantin Amelin, Director of the Science Educational Centre ‘Mathematical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence’, will be speaking on ‘Emergent intelligence and distributed stochastic optimisation'. The report reveals some approaches to managing a group of robots operating under significant uncertainty upon using the emergent (swarm) intelligence technology.

Professor Tatiana Gavrilova, Head of the Department of Information Technology in Management of the St Petersburg University Graduate School of Management, will be considering the conceptual foundation of the two main artificial intelligence paradigms: neural networks and symbolic ones. In her report 'How to open the AI black box?’, Professor Gavrilova discloses the prerequisites of the convergence of the paradigms.

Ovanes Petrosian, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Modelling of Energetic Systems of St Petersburg University, will be speaking on ‘AI based optimal control for energy storage systems'. The proposed solution will make it possible to develop flexible operational schedules for energy systems to minimise costs.