SPbU and the delegation of the Beijing University met to discuss an establishment of a joint center on Russian-Chinese cooperation and collaboration between SPbU and Renmin University of China.


The Universities reached an agreement to create a joint center in Renmin University of China in May 2014. Following the preliminary works, the Chinese delegation fixed the date for the opening of the center on early September 2015. Renmin University of China suggested implementing some of the projects before the opening of the center, encouraged researchers from SPbU to publish their contributions and invited them to deliver lectures in the PRC. Among the events to take place is a presentation of the book Russian Law in Brief: Digest for foreign investors by N. М. Kropachev and V. А. Musin, intended for translation into Chinese by the representatives of the Chinese university.

Regardless the date of the opening of the center, two Universities are ensuring effective cooperation, said А. V. Gogolevsky, Vice Rector for International Affairs. The agreement signed by the Universities allows to arrange student exchange programs and publish joint research papers. Following the opening of the center, Rectors of the two Universities are to establish advisory and expert committees of the center.

Renmin University of China dates back to 1937, when Shan Bei Public School was established with a distinctive focus on preparing political leaders and officials. In 1939, the school, Lǔ Xùn Institute of Arts, proletarian school in Yunxiang Yan and military service courses became integral part of North China United University. In 1950, it was officially renamed in Renmin University of China. Today, the University comprises 23 schools, including schools of the humanities, state studies, science, education, information etc