St Petersburg University has reportedly developed unique HIV-prevention programmes and ready to offer them to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, said Alla Shaboltas, Dean of the Faculty of Phycology at SPbU, during a meeting ‘Science-Lunch’ with journalists.


‘In the nearest future, we are ready to offer the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation comprehensive HIV-prevention programmes that aim to halt the transmission of HIV and to protect an individual and their community. These programmes have been adapted for university and school students, drug abusers, HIV-positive people, and adults», — said А. Shaboltas.

Unique in its kind in Russia, prevention programmes are the result of 6 extensive research projects partly supported by SPbU. The research findings have been recently published in a monograph by Alla Shaboltas. These prevention strategies have been successfully implemented in St Petersburg in 1999-2003. Just after two years, the preventive drug therapy was successful in stopping HIV from being passed from infected to uninfected people and was able to reduce the transmission of the virus by 50%.

Hopefully, cooperation between the University and the Ministry will contribute to the implementation of ‘State Anti-HIV Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation 2020’, public debates over which were held in February. SPbU is ready to prepare HIV-prevention specialists and deliver expert evaluations and reports of the educational and prevention programmes of the Ministry of Health.