SPbU launches The Culture of Russia – a master programme taught in English for international applicants.

"You will not grasp her with your mind alone," – this is what Fyodor Tyutchev, a famous Russian poet, said about his homeland 150 years ago. SPbU professors will assist students in their endeavors to comprehend Russian culture to the fullest, or, at least, to get a deeper insight into it. The courses of the new master programme cover theoretical issues of Russian culture of the past and the present, its philosophical and spiritual aspects. Students will study Russian literature, art, music, cinematography and animation. They will get acquainted with authentic artifacts of Russian cultural heritage, its original written sources and works of art. 

The research will focus largely on intercultural and interpersonal relations of Russia with other peoples, nations, and states. Other important areas of research are the image of Russia in the Western mass media and Russia as a participant in global cultural processes.

The new programme aims at developing practical skills, an ability to engage in a cross-cultural dialogue and coordinate intercultural and intergovernmental interaction between Russia and other countries. Graduates of the programme will be equipped with knowledge and skills enabling them to land jobs in various areas of humanitarian work, public and private companies seeking partnership with Russia, and other institutions looking for professionals able to provide creative solutions with advanced education and communication technologies.

The new SPbU master programme has already attracted the attention of academic, research, and business communities from China, South Korea, and Japan.