The northern capital brings together the UArctic’s Students-Ambassadors to discuss key issues concerning development and preservation of the Arctic.

“Although St Petersburg is by no means the Arctic, all the Arctic routes nevertheless start here, – said SPbU Vice-Rector for Research Sergey Aplonov in his opening speech. — St Petersburg University is particularly concerned with research and educational programmes on the Arctic, ranging from geology to politics, and we are honoured to be part of the UArctic”.

The first-ever UArctic Congress Student Forum is an excellent opportunity for the students from the UArctic universities to collaborate and share their opinions. Importantly, the UArctic Ambassadors can be students, ranging from undergraduate to PhD students, who are also up-and-coming researchers and scientists. This year, the Forum included visits, presentations, seminars, and discussions. Young scientists jointly made the UArctic students’ address to include in the final UArctic Congress Declaration 2016.

“This Forum is highly important as you are the future of the Arctic. It is you who will create fantastic opportunities for Arctic development”, — said the UArctic President Lars Kullerud.

Background Info:

The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative network of 180 universities, colleges, research institutes and other organisations from 16 countries concerned with education and research in and about the North. UArctic builds and strengthens collective resources and collaborative infrastructure that enables member institutions to better serve their constituents and their regions. Through cooperation in education, research and outreach we enhance human capacity in the North, promote viable communities and sustainable economies, and forge global partnerships.