At the first UArctic Congress, which ended September 16 at St Petersburg University, Liliya Slavinskaya, a famous artist from Moscow, has given to SPbU a number of her canvases and photos which she made during the Arctic expedition. Highly appreciated by the scientific and artist community, locally and globally, the canvases are to be exhibited in Geneva next year, according to the Russian mission to the UN.

Started painting at 27, Liliya Slavinskaya initially taught in Kaluga, later switched over to exhibition and management. Today she is a member of the Russian Geographical Society, head of the “Les Oreades” gallery, a keen traveler and an artist. Her works, a unique mixture of imagery and science, have gained a global recognition. In 2017, she is to exhibit her canvases in Geneva, according to the Russian mission to the UN.

He works, essentially, focus on the expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas. In 2014, she created a whole series of canvasses during the expedition, which aimed to clean the Arctic shores from the debris. The works, created on the Alexandra Land, a large island located in Franz Josef Land, tell about how people and animals live and what nature is like in the Arctic. Arctic’s imagery reflects her inspiration to reveal a permafrost beauty, unless human impact and global warming push the Arctic into destruction.

“I am a scientist, only with another perspective on the planet, — said Liliya Slavinskaya. — I am a person who is eagerly moving towards the far horizon and beyond. During 7 months, I had been working in the Antarctica and created about 500 oil paintings and drawings, mostly icebergs, landscape, a unique animal world. Then I set my heart on going to the Arctic some time, to provide an artistic insight into how the two poles contrast to each other and to show it to the public”.

To St Petersburg University she presented twelve canvasses from the “Arctic” series and a number of photos she made during the expedition. The ceremony was held at the first UArctic Congress at SPbU. Also, there was an exhibition of her works during the Congress, so all the participants and guests could enjoy them.

“At the Congress, the participants of the Student Forum told that they have a lack of knowledge in the Arctic, so we are planning to open a special hall at SPbU, which would particularly focus on the Arctic and the University of Arctic. We highly appreciated Liliya for her generosity”, — said SPbU Press-Secretary Aleksey Zavarzin.

Background Info:

The first ever UArctic Congress 2016, held on September 12-16, 2016 at SPbU, welcomed more than 500 world’s top scientists and experts in geography, geology, ecology, oceanology, archeology, and biology to name but a few. The Congress is primarily concerned with how to defend the Arctic eco-systems and communities, preserve local culture and boost trade, tourism and transport.