St Petersburg University has hosted a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Management in Wuhan. Chinese and Russian colleagues discussed short-term programmes in law and management at SPbU to educate and prepare officials for China.

Established in 1993 in Hubei, the Academy focuses on continuous education for the officials in China. “In China the officials must take job training every five years. Our three-month courses are mostly concerned with new state policies and primarily designed for the heads of the provinces, regions and departments”, — said the head of the delegation Сяо Вэйкан, who is also Vice-Rector for Research at the Academy of Management in Hubei.

At St Petersburg University, the education programme “State and Municipal Management” educates and prepares highly-qualified managers for the public service in Russia. “Although our core mission is not to educate and prepare officials for public service, SPbU has prepared lots of top politicians, mostly law graduates, President of Russia V.V. Putin and V.I. Lenin among them. Besides, the University is currently developing additional education programmes ordered by the Government of the Russian Federation”, — said S.V. Andrushin, Deputy Rector for International Affairs.

Chinese colleagues were particularly interested in one-week courses in law. The University is to prepare a draft of the continuous education programme for the Academy of Management in Hubei.