The master programme “European Legal Studies and International Economic Law” brings together different approaches to law and jurisdiction which is ensured by combining contributions of St Petersburg University and University of Hamburg, as well as lawyers from Germany and Russia.

The programme focuses on the European law, models of European integration, European competition law, intellectual property law, economic aspects of business organisation, legal and economic aspects of business activities, business organisation in terms of institutional economics and management, European and Russian tax law, finance and management in European and international context, including EU stock markets, EU company law, international trade law, and foreign trade law in Russian to name but a few.

Upon graduation students receive a joint master certificate, a joint transcript of records and a joint diploma supplement which are recognised as equally valid, thus equipping graduates with the best of diverse range of opportunities for employment in Russian, EU and international companies. The programme allows to learn legal German and English.

The main subjects:
•    Legal and economic aspects of business organisation
•    Legal and Economic Aspects of Competition Law and Policy and the Protection of Intellectual Property
•    The EU as a Political Community
•    European and International Company Law & Legal and Economic Aspects of Labour Relations
•    The EU as a Legal Community
•    Legal and Economic Aspects of Cross-Border Capital Markets and Business Activities
•    German
•    WTO Law (in English)
•    Law of Foreign Trade (in English)
•    Distinctive Features of the Different Branches of the Russian Legal System (in English)