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SPbU Campus comprises 21 halls of residence, with 12 located in Petrodvortsovy District of St Petersburg, 8 in Vasileostrovsky District of St. Petersburg and 1 in Nevsky District of St. Petersburg.

SPbU Halls of Residence on the map http://campus.spbu.ru/309

Currently SPbU provides approximately 12,800 places in its halls of residence.
All accommodation is furnished for living and studying; the halls have laundry facilities, cafes, canteens, shops, gyms and fitness facilities, and ATMs. All rooms have Internet access.

You can find more information about the working hours of the administration, documentation necessary to be allocated a place in student halls, and the social infrastructure, at the website of SPbU Campus


Accommodation for foreign students at SPbU halls of residence

Foreign nationals who are admitted to SPbU for their 1st year of main educational programs are allocated places at SPbU halls of residence on the basis of a permit for allocation of a place in the halls. The permit can be obtained at the Office of the Admissions Committee for Foreign Citizens.
Contact information of the Admissions Office:
Universiteskaya Emb., 13 B, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 328-32-91; е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Accommodation for exchange and freemover students at SPbU halls of residence

Exchange students usually accommodated at the dormitory at Kapitanskaya street 3 in shared rooms for 2-3 people. Application for accommodation is included into the Student Exchange Program Application Form. No permit for allocation is necessary for the accepted exchange and freemover students.
Exchange and freemover students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and studying in Peterhof are accommodated at SPbU halls of residence in Peterhof.

 Lease Agreement of designated living premises in Saint Petersburg  University dormitory 

Order on Approving the SPbU Residences Rules and Regulations