SPbU accepts more than 3000 international students annually on various degree and non-degree programmes.

SPbU has more than 400 partner universities in about 70 countries - China, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Brazil. More than 25 international summer and winter schools are held at SPbU annually.

SPbU is a member of a number of international associations and student exchange programmes and internships: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program, Santander Universities, TEMPUS, and many others.

SPbU has long-term cooperation agreements with IBM, Carl Zeiss, Microsoft, Leica, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Adobe and many other leading international companies.

SPbU’s education is highly valued on the international market. Our graduates are employed by the best Russian and international companies. The University’s close cooperation with leading firms gives graduates an opportunity to choose the best employers.

International cooperation with universities worldwide provides our academic staff and students access to numerous research and study opportunities. Students and researchers benefit from international cooperation, enabling them to share experience and keep abreast of the latest advancements in global science. Ties between scientific communities are the strongest in the world and SPbU takes pride in being a part of that.


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International Russian Institute of SPbU

The Institute is a project of Saint Petersburg University that aims to improving intercultural communication, disseminate Russian language and culture, and inform foreign youth about education and research in SPbU.

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