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Over 30 scholarships and over 400 winners. The total sum of the scholarships is up to 15,000 rubles.

Students and aspirantura students of SPbU can get scholarships allocated from the University’s endowment fund to support education and research. The University also has joint scholarship programmes with the business sector and private funds.



Each year, over 5,000 students take part in the sports competitions at SPbU. 300 students are members of 19 SPbU’s teams in 15 sports.  

15 students of SPbU are the members of the Russian National teams.

Among SPbU’s students, there are 3 masters of sports of international class and 15 master of sports of Russia.  SPbU’s teams have 31 Candidates of Sports, while 72 students have the athletic titles.

SPbU collaborates with the Rugby Union of St Petersburg, Union of Grass Hokey of the Russian Federation, Climbing Union of St Petersburg, and Rowing Centre.


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Events and Festivals

Although tests are different, there is something for everybody at SPbU. All year round, SPbU offers jazz evenings, balls, photo exhibitions, festivals, performances, concerts, and sports events to name but a few. Each year sees over 400 events, with thousands of students involved. Some of them act as organizers, participants, or volunteers.


University students are active people, and they are often ready to help others for nothing. For example, the students of St Petersburg University get together toys for orphanages, conduct performances and master classes for cancer-stricken children, visit veterans of the Great Patriotic War - and provide all-round assistance to those who really need it. However, social volunteering is not the only direction. The students of the University take part in various major events - the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the St Petersburg International Legal Forum, the St Petersburg International Cultural Forum, etc. The university students also help to hold holidays at St Petersburg University, take part in the adaptation programme for students from other countries - and can get an excellent practice of a foreign language and intercultural communication.

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Health / Recreation

Each summer, about 400 students can go to the resort Horizon near the Black Sea.

The resort is open to students all year round.

During the academic year, over 1,500 students are involved in weekend trips that focus on various topics at Leningrad region.

Student Unions

SPbU has countless student unions. Among them are arts unions, research groups, and student teams to name but a few.

SPbU has 9 student teams: 5 in pedagogics, 2 in building and construction, in archeology, and search element. Total body of students is 150. Apart from their main responsibilities, they always act as volunteers.

As a student at SPbU, you can join singing, dancing, or theatre studios, folklore ensemble or choir.  They get involved in numerous campaigns run each year; some of them are nationally and internationally recognised.

The University aims to promote debate and discussion. The Debating Club, that was set up by students, has regular debates and workshops to help you excel in public speaking. Although it was opened only three years ago, it has over 1,500 members, among which are students from SPbU, Moscow, Kazan, Kiev, and Astana.

The Career Club is a career society to help students gain knowledge and expertise, skills and connections for successful career. The Club provides a meeting point for the leading companies from St Petersburg, including entrepreneurs and experts in various fields. During three years, the Club has held over 50 events, with over 3,000 participants.

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International Student Club

SPbU International Student Club is a member-run club of international students to support the rights and represent, support and enhance the learning environment of international students.

The Club organizes educational and entertainment events for international and Russian students, including exhibitions, international concerts, language club, orientation weeks, and cinema.

The Club aims to:

  • analyse the needs of international students in education, research, management, cultural and social spheres;
  • support SPbU administration in discussing social, psychological, and communication adaptation of international students;
  • develop measures to improve the living conditions of international students.

All international students can join the Club.

The Club management structure is the Club Conference, Club Council, and Chairperson of the Club Council. The Club Council comprises 11 Club members who are international students who gain the majority of votes during the Club Conference, including Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson’s votes.

web-site: http://students.spbu.ru/kio.html

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student Competitions

  • The competition of integrated projects for students and aspirantura students “SPbU Start-Up”

The participants present their projects to the jury panel. The team that presents the most original project receives 250,000 rubles.

  • Tournament in natural sciences

Interdisciplinary international team tournament in applied sciences (physics, chemistry, engineering). Each year sees more and more students from different parts of the world.

  • Student team championship in competitive programming

Team competition in algorithmic programming.

  • Annual competition (award) for SPbU’s students in economics “Crystal Awards”

Students submit a portfolio of their achievements for the year. The jury that consists of the academic staff selects the best students in the following categories: Student of the Year, Typical Caser, For Contribution to the Arts, Party-Maker, Young Scientist, Sportsman of the Year, Student’s Record Book of Your Dream, Hero of Our Time, and Mass Media of the Year.

  • Annual competition of research papers “Brain away”

The event is a series of workshops from professional sociologists and a competition between the teams.

  • Russian competition of student works in political communications PolitPRpro

At the end of March, Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications at St Petersburg University holds the 9th Russian competition in political communications PolitPRpro. Those who solve the cases in the most efficient way reach the final round and compete for gold. The jury consists of the Russia’s leading political technologists, representatives from the political parties, and professors of St Petersburg University.

  • Mass media perspective competition

For over 10 years, the University has held the competition at the end of November. Its aim is to make students in Journalism and Public Relations focus on urgent social problems and come up with ideas as to how to solve them by using cutting-edge communication technologies.


  • Russian competition in journalism, PR, and advertising for school students “Literary Debut”

Each year, the competition has four categories: a competition of the school mass media, tele-journalism, photojournalism, and PR-projects. At the selection round, you can take part in the Olympiad and in all categories. The last round of the Olympiad in Journalism and finals are held in different days, so you can take part in various events.

  • Best professional practice

The awarding ceremony of the summer practice competition is the most rewarding event for students of the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications at St Petersburg University. The students are awarded the prizes by famous public figures, political and social leaders, directors of the communications agencies, many of them are the University's graduates. The nominations include all fields of study at the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications: periodical press and network mass media, radio and TV, advertising and public relations, international journalism, media design, and photojournalism. There are some nominations for those students who have practice module after the first years of study or work in the applications commission at SPbU. The grand-prix is awarded to the students who have gained the highest results of their practice module in journalism, advertising, and public relations.