The resource centres are essential constituents of research infrastructure (the Research Park) at St Petersburg University. The first centres were established as long ago as 2010, and since then creation of the new ones has never ended. The centres possess unique cutting-edge equipment that enables innovations in research and educational programs. They generate intellectual and creative potential of the University, fuel SPbU's scientific and technological development, and foster its socio-economic growth. The resource centres contribute to the goals of SPbU Strategic Plan 2020 aimed at making SPbU one of the world's leading classical universities and providing academic and scientific support of the state policy of Russia's innovative development.

The outstanding intellectual and academic environment of the oldest Russian university serves the basis for the 26 resource centres that are now an integral part of the SPbU Research Park. The centres employ the experience, knowledge and research achievements of the previous generations. Each center covers a research area related to one of the four priority spheres which define the common strategy of the University's research.

SPbU resource centres target the following priority spheres:

  • Nanotechnology and Materials Science
  • Biomedicine and Human Health
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Ecology and Nature Management

Fourteen resource centres are working in the area of Nanotechnology and Materials Science:

Seven resource centers are working in the area of Biomedicine and Human Health:

Three resource centres are working in the area of Ecology and Nature Management:

Two resource centres are working in the area of Information Systems and Technology: