Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


  • Ethnicity Theories in Historical Studies
  • Ethnicity in Information Systems
  • Formation of the Ethnicity Concept in Europe
  • Nation Theories in Historical Studies
  • Formation of Nations in Europe
  • Contemporary Nationalism in the European States
  • The National Museum Phenomenon
  • National Movement in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Historical Ethnoconflictology
  • Struggle with Nationalism and Extremism in Mass Media and in the Internet
  • National Identity in Fine Arts
  • National Identity in Cinema and Mass Culture
  • German National Socialism and its Fall
  • National Policy in the USSR


  • Work at research centres, foundations, organisations related to expert and analytical activities in the field of national and ethno-cultural policy
  • Work at academic institutions, museums, archives and other research organisations that implement research and educational projects related to the study of nations and nationalism (for example, national museums)
  • Work as experts and consultants at central, regional and local government bodies interacting with national organisations, representatives of various diasporas
  • Work in media as well as public, social, cultural and educational organisations whose activities are related to ethnic, national and ethno-cultural development and interaction
  • Work in information systems, website management, preparation of content for online media, creation of web portals and online archives related to studies of nations and nationalism
  • Work in higher education institutions, teaching of courses related to the history of nations and nationalism

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