Student Accommodation

SPbU Campus offers you 21 halls of residence, with 12 located in Petrodvortsovy District of St Petersburg.

SPbU Halls of Residence on the map

Currently, SPbU provides 13 000 places in its halls of residence.

All accommodation is furnished for living and studying; the halls have laundry facilities, cafes, canteens, shops, gyms and fitness facilities, and ATMs. All rooms have Internet access.

Photographs of halls of residence

How to check in?

For prospective students (during entrance tests and for submitting documents)

  1. Contact the International Admissions Office
    13B Universitetskaya Emb., St Petersburg 199034, Russia. Telephone: +7 (812) 363-66-33, е-mail:
  2. Get a referral for registration of the applicant at the place of residence
  3. Come to the hall of residence specified in the referral

The referral must be kept for the duration of the stay. If it is necessary to extend the stay, you should contact the International Admissions Office with the same referral to make a decision to prolong your stay.

For degree-programmes students

  1. Contact the International Admissions Office
    13B Universitetskaya Emb., St Petersburg 199034, Russia. Telephone: +7 (812) 363-66-33, е-mail:

  2. Get a referral for registration of the student at the place of residence.
    • During the mass check-in of students (see*) – contact Settlement Departments specified in the list of names with the designated address of the hall of residence:
      - (Peterhof) – you should contact the Settlement in Hall of Residence No 10 at: office 106, 66/2 Botanichskaya Street.
      - (Vasilyevsky Island) – you should contact the Settlement Department in Hall of Residence No 1 at: ground floor, 20/1 Korablestroitelei Street.
    • After the mass check-in, or if your name is not in the list (see*) 
  3. Contact the Department for Youth Affairs at: office 109, Rector’s Wing, 7-9-11 Universitetskaya Emb., telephone 324-12-73, e-mail:, then contact Settlement Departments

(*)     From 25 August to 31 August, accommodation at halls of residence is available according to the list of names published on the St Petersburg University website

For students arriving on academic exchange programmes

Exchange students are usually accommodated at the dormitory at Kapitanskaya street, 3 in shared rooms for 2-3 people. Application for accommodation is included into the Student Exchange Programme Application Form. No permit for allocation is necessary for the accepted exchange and freemover students.
Exchange and freemover students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and studying in Peterhof are accommodated at SPbU halls of residence in Peterhof.

  • When submitting your academic exchange documents, specify whether you need accommodation in a hall of residence.
  • Get information from the exchange coordinator about the address of the hall of residence.
  • If necessary, further clarification of the settlement procedure can be obtained in the Settlement Department of St Petersburg University.

Learn more: Local acts on the settlement procedure for the academic year are issued annually. Orders can be found here

Cost of accommodation

The cost of accommodation in a hall of residence depends on the enrolment status (government-funded places or fee-paying places) and accommodation conditions (corridor type or apartment type halls of residence).  The cost of accommodation for students of academic programmes can range from 350 roubles per month (government-funded places) to 1,120 roubles a month (fee-paying places); for academic exchange students it is 4,890 roubles per month unless specified differently in the university agreement.