Types of practices

Practical training

During practical training, the University students are introduced to the specifics of their field or area of study, gaining first experience and improving their practical professional skills


Internships aim to help students to test their theoretical knowledge and develop the relevant practical skills. Master’s students also have a research and teaching practice.

Pre-graduation practice

As the final stage of training, it is set to improve the initial professional experience and to reveal whether a student is well equipped to start a career. It includes preparation of the graduation project.

Categories of practices

Clinical practice

Clinical practice is part of the classes and aims to develop student professional skills. The practice focuses on solving the problems set by the client and involves educational and socially-oriented activities.

Project design practice

As part of project design practice, students conduct a practice-oriented research project within a project ordered by an employer. Before the start of the project design practice, the employer sends a request for a practice to the University.

Field internship

Field internship is a study of objects in natural processes and socio-political settings. It aims to test theoretical knowledge. Working in the field involves processing and interpreting data obtained in the field.

Research internship

Students conduct a fundamental or applied research project. The research results and findings are to be presented at research events or published in journals.

Teaching Practice

The practice is set to develop a set of competencies in teaching.