Preparatory Course (for International Citizens)

St Petersburg University has been helping international applicants prepare for the basic educational programmes of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Russian since 2018. All students enrolled in the programme not only receive the best education, but also an invaluable experience of communication and studying with the University’s leading professors. A well-designed curriculum, qualified teaching staff, bonuses for admission, a voucher for free testing in Russian as a foreign language, modern software, new and comfortable classes, an extensive library, a colourful student life: our students deserve only the best!

The Preparatory Course for international citizens of St Petersburg University is the right step to get high-quality training before entering the University.

  • Courses duration – 10 months
  • Number of hours – 1,008 hours
  • Training format – full-time/remote
  • Training schedule - from 1 September to 30 June (2 semesters)
  • Applications are accepted from 16 December to 3 August (for full-time students) and from 16 December to 25 August (for distance learning students)
  • The cost of training – 272,000 roubles

St Petersburg University offers preparatory courses for international applicants to higher education institutions in the following fields of study:

Natural science

mathematics, physics, chemistry

Engineering science/technology

mathematics, physics, and computer science

Human sciences

social sciences, history, and literature


social studies, history, and mathematics

Medicine and biology

chemistry, biology, and physics

The first-semester programme is entirely devoted to the study of the Russian language. The assessment test is conducted after studying each significant part of the course.

After the New Year holidays (from 31 December to 11 January), students are divided into groups depending on the chosen area of specialisation. Along with the Russian language course, they study the ‘Introduction to the Language of the Specialty’ course: the course teaches the basic terminology and grammatical structures of the academic language of three disciplines of the specialisation.

The second-semester programme includes three general education subjects (four hours per week for each education subject) from the student's specialisation area.

Upon completion of training, students take the final examination on the Russian language, tests in core subjects, and get the opportunity to take a test of Russian as a foreign language (level TORFL-I) for free. This test gives the maximum number of points for admission to St Petersburg University on a basic training programme. The presence of a certificate of the first level of Russian language proficiency is necessary for foreign applicants to study at the University. Students who have completed the Preparatory Course are issued a course attainment certificate from St Petersburg University.

To submit your documents, you are required to:

  • Register at our website ‘Personal Account: Preparatory Course’.
  • Fill in a questionnaire and an application form, print and sign your application for admission.
  • Upload the following required documents to the ‘Personal Account: Preparatory Course’:
  • your application for admission
  • a copy of your identity document – your passport must be valid for at least 18 months from the date you have applied for an entry visa
  • your educational credential and supplements thereto
  • a photograph 3x4 cm.


Documents to places on the contractual basis are accepted:

from 16 December 2020 to 25 August 2021 for resident instruction's applicants

from 16 December 2020 to 20 August 2021 for solely applying distance education technologies and e-learning

Regulations for Admission of Students to the Additional Educational Programme ‘Preparatory Department (for International Applicants)’ in the 2021/2022 Academic Year