For Alumni

St Petersburg University is the oldest university in Russia and a world-leading centre of science and education. In the long history of St Petersburg University, thousands of prominent figures in science, culture, and education have graduated from it.

We invite you to join the St Petersburg University global alumni community! The unique experience gained at the University brings together graduates and enables them to speak the same language. As part of the St Petersburg University family, the graduates can maintain contacts and support the alma mater.

Our mission is to support close relationships between the university and the graduates

Our Aims

to preserve traditions of student communication and culture

to support and develop the University’s research and academic heritage

to disseminate the University’s values

Benefits of being a member of the St Petersburg University Alumni Community

Involvement in the scientific life of the University

  • Attend an event, deliver a presentation or become a member of the Programme Committee. Implement your research projects into practice through the infrastructure of the Research Park

Supporting close relationships with the University and its graduates

Contributing to the quality of teaching and learning activities and sharing best practices

  • Become a visiting professor at St Petersburg University and share your best practices with students

If you have ideas or proposals for events or projects, would like to deliver a lecture, become a volunteer or otherwise participate in the life of the Alumni Community, please fill in the form below or send us an e-mail.

Alumni Office

Acting Head

Sergey Andryushin


Deputy Head

Mariia Edinova


+7 (812) 363–60–20


Manager for Monitoring and Statistics

Kamilla Sherzai


+7 (812) 363–60–20


IT Project Manager

Arkadii Solovev


+7 (812) 363–60–20