Intellectual Property

One of the key priorities of St Petersburg University is to address the challenge of the legal protection of intellectual property and technology transfer

It is very important to create favourable conditions in which legal protection and technology transfer will help to transfer scientific knowledge from the research community of St Petersburg University to industry and start-ups. This knowledge will then start working for the benefit of the whole society and bring practical results.

The primary goal of education is to ensure the maximum involvement of academic activities in technological development.

The history of such an approach to the protection and use of intellectual property at the University began in 1967. This is when the University’s patent and licensing department was established. It was an integrated centralised structure subordinate to the vice rector for research. The department performed patent and licensing activities for faculties and research institutes of the University as an integrated academic and research complex.

We are currently making every effort to develop the system of use and protection of intellectual property in accordance with the highest worldwide standards.

The information on this site is designed to help authors, inventors, entrepreneurs and other interested parties make the right decisions in the field of intellectual property protection and technology transfer.