Degree programmes at St Petersburg University are compliant with the Bologna system and comprise three levels:

Every year SPbU offers 427 degree programmes and over 800 non-degree programmes available in seven main areas: 

  • Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics and Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Art and Culture
  • Physical Training and Sport

The language of instruction for the majority of programmes is Russian.

To apply for a degree programme all non-native Russian-speaking applicants must satisfy the following language requirements:

  • for Bachelor degree and  Specialist courses – level B1
  • for Master courses – level B2
  • for Doctoral courses – levels B2/B3 depending on an area of studies

Besides degree programmes taught in Russian SPbU offers Master programmes taught in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

 In 2012 St Petersburg University became the first Russian university to launch its own diploma.

Non-degree programmes cover various areas of study and the most popular non-degree courses for international students are the Russian language courses at the SPbU Center of Additional Educational Programmes Russian as a Foreign Language

Today, the number of degree programmes offered by St Petersburg University is close to 400, and one quarter of them are interdisciplinary.

A St Petersburg University degree programme is interdisciplinary if it involves:

  • two or more spheres of knowledge
  • two or more professional spheres

Examples of successful interdisciplinary programmes that are particularly popular with applicants include:

The interdisciplinary approach opens broad opportunities to create modern, unique and relevant academic programmes at various educational levels.

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