Research Internship Programme

A research internship at St Petersburg University gives you the opportunity to gain research experience under the guidance of the University's leading scientists. You will be able to implement a research project using the most state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure of St Petersburg University at:

Research internship programme key facts:

  • Available for Russian and non-Russian visitors
  • Fee-based programme
  • Personal research schedule and Personal study plan
  • Supervisor advice and guidance
  • Duration (non-Russian) up to 90 days (3 months)
  • Visa support and guidance for all visiting research scholars
  • Accommodation options for all visiting research scholars
  • Russian / English / other languages of instruction
  • Access to the University and campus libraries, access to certain campus facilities, research labs and the University Research Park facilities.

How can I participate in a research internship at St Petersburg University?

Step 1. Get in contact with our Internship Programme coordinators (listed in the table below)

Applicants for a research internship receive comprehensive support. Our programme coordinators will help you choose a research supervisor, and complete the required paperwork. They will be consulting you in general throughout the whole period of organising the internship, from submitting your application to being granted access to the University resources.

Step 2. Submitting an application

Applications for an internship are submitted via the Pure system in accordance with the Guidelines. Pure is accessed using your St Petersburg University personal account. It will be activated the day after you have completed a registration form. If you encounter any troubles at this stage, please feel free to contact our technical support service at

Scanned copies of the following documents must be attached to your application:

  • a personal application addressed to St Petersburg University Rector (in accordance with the prescribed form)
  • your Research Internship plan (in accordance with the prescribed form)
  • your passport
  • your higher education certificate(s)
  • your academic degree certificate (if any)
  • a statement from the HR Department or (any other document) confirming your research and/or teaching experience
  • a statement of your scientific achievements, with the list of your scientific publications attached (and your researcher ID specified, if any), information on your participation in any financed research projects as a director/participant, etc.

Your application will be considered submitted upon pressing the «Send to internal approval» button in Pure.

Step 3. Signing an internship agreement

You will be informed of a positive decision on organising an Internship by an employee of the St Petersburg University Research Projects Department. They will agree on your fee amount and arrange for you to sign the Internship Organisation Agreement.

Step 4. Being granted access to the University resources

Within a few days of signing the agreement, the University Research Projects Department will organise the following for you:

  • access to the University premises for the whole period of your internship;
  • provision of the right to use the University library resources for the whole period of your internship;
  • temporary access to the University library and information systems.

Please note:

Any Intern publishing his/her research output (scientific papers, monographs, etc.) prepared using either the University resources during the Internship period or the data obtained during the Internship period, must specify his/her affiliation with St Petersburg University. The Intern shall completely transfer to St Petersburg University all exclusive rights to the intellectual deliverables obtained during the Internship period.