the year when it was founded

~ 25 000



degree programmes


non-degree programmes

4 700

academic staff


resource centres


online courses

1 600+

agreements to organise practical training and cooperation agreements


university-partners from 65 countries worldwide

How to apply

  • Register for a Personal Account
  • Fill in, print out and sign your application form for admission to one or more academic programmes (three programmes max.)
  • Submit your application form and all required documents to your Personal Account Pass a competitive selection process:
    • A remote selection procedure for state-funded applicant’s documents (portfolios)
    • A remote selection procedure for fee-paying applicant’s documents (portfolios)

After application

Wait until the results are announced:

  • For applicants to government-funded places — lists of applicants, who have successfully passed the competitive selection, will be published on the official website of the St Petersburg University Admissions Committee by 11:59 PM on 18 March 2022, MSK
  • For applicants to contractual places — by 11:59 PM on 19 July 2022, MSK

Come to St Petersburg, submit the originals of the required documents to the Admissions Committee for you subsequent enrolment