Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies at St Petersburg University

The Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies at St Petersburg University is a leading multi-field medical, scientific and educational institution in Russia.

The Clinic provides healthcare for people through compulsory medical insurance (CMI). It also provides high-tech medical care (HTMC) at the expense of the federal budget. Residents and guests of St Petersburg are treated under voluntary medical insurance (VMI) polices. The Clinic has its own diagnostic complex which includes: departments of clinical (endoscopic, ultrasound, functional) and X-ray diagnostics; a state-of-the-art laboratory; and a laboratory for morphological examinations. The Clinic has two hospitals: an outpatient complex and a 24-hour injury-care centre.

20 000+

surgical patients are provided with medical care at the Clinic

Every year, over 20 000 patients are provided with medical care at the Clinic. The main focus of the Clinic is surgery. The average length of stay for a patient is becoming less and less and equals 3,9 days. The preoperative period in various departments is on average 0,6 to 1,6 days, and the postoperative period is from 1,5 to 4,7 days.

The main directions of surgical activities are:

  • endocrine surgery (5 000+ operations per year);
  • traumatology and orthopaedics (3 000+ operations per year);
  • urology (2 000+ operations per year);
  • cardiac surgery (~2 000 operations per year);
  • general surgery and oncology (~1 500 operations per year);
  • gynaecology (~2 000 operations per year)

The Clinic is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001–2015 for all types of services provided by the centre. Every year, the Clinic undergoes a procedure for confirming the compliance of services with established requirements by independent organisations. This voluntary certificate in many countries is a sign of the quality of the services provided for a consumer, an additional guarantee of reliability and professional competence nationally and globally.

More than half of the patients are those who reside in other regions of Russia. Every year, the department of urology has 80 % of all operated patients that came from other cities; the cardiac surgery department 61 %; the gynaecological department over 70 %. The Clinic attracts non-resident patients mainly through on-site consultative work. Each year, over 3 000 patients in the regions of Russia are provided with advisory services. Over half of them require surgical treatment. Surgical treatment is provided with on the basis of the Clinic.

The Clinic is headed by Yury Fedotov, a physician of the highest qualification category, Doctor of Medical Sciences, and an Honoured Physician of the Russian Federation.

The Clinic’s doctors are actively engaged in research. They take part in the international and Russian research forums and deliver reports. They also publish articles in the Russian and international journals.

The Clinic employs 280 physicians, including 20 doctors of medical and biological sciences, 60 candidates of medical sciences, 8 honoured physicians, and 57 physicians of the highest qualification category. Many of them are members of the international associations for doctors.


Yury Fedotov

Director of the Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies at St Petersburg University

Telephone: +7 (812) 676-25-25 E-mail: 6762525@gosmed.ru