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For many years, St Petersburg University has been engaged in partnership with thousands of Russian and international companies, commercial and public organisations, research and educational institutions. In this section, you will know about main products developed at the University and may find an optimal solution for your company.

The University has been committed to solving the problems of its partners. To this end, we develop our own unique projects, use state-of-the-art equipment of the Research Park that estimates over 7.5 billion roubles, and provide services in intellectual property.

The University has the Centre of Expert Advice. The high-calibre staff carry out expert evaluations in over 100 areas. In 2018, the University established the Distributed Ledger Technologies Centre. Additionally, the University has a business incubator and dozens of small innovative enterprises.

Partner universities

SPbU has 500 partner universities in 65 countries ranging from China, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Japan to the Republic of Korea, and Brazil. More than 25 international summer and winter schools are held at SPbU annually.

SPbU is a member of a number of international associations and student exchange programmes: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program, Santander Universities, TEMPUS, and many others.

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Wide range of competencies

The University is engaged in research in various fields: from agrochemistry to computer forensics. We attract specialists from different fields to deal with interdisciplinary tasks.

Unique experience

The University carries out its research activities in numerous research centres and laboratories. By providing free access to the equipment of the Research Park, the University attracts leading research groups globally.


The University has gained a reputation of a reliable partner through cooperation with Russian and international companies. The University conducts research activities by using certified methods and aims to ensure accuracy of the research results and findings.

International engagement and cooperation

The partners of St Petersburg University are large international companies across various fields: Samsung Electronics, IBM, Panasonic, Carl Zeiss, and others. Through international cooperation and engagement, the University implements research and educational projects.