Accessible environment

This section contains information on providing education for people with disabilities at St Petersburg University, reflecting different medical conditions

Pursuant to the Federal Law ‘On Education in the Russian Federation’, St Petersburg University shall create special conditions for the education of persons with disabilities.

Individualised curriculum

The implementation of inclusive education of students with disabilities, the content and conditions of education and training shall be determined by the adapted programme. If necessary, students with disabilities shall be provided with individual study plans and personalised learning schedules, taking into account the specific needs and educational requirements of a particular student: it may involve extending the period of higher education, as well as different options for conducting classes. E-learning tools, network and distance learning systems, such as Blackboard, shall be used to support the learning environment at St Petersburg University. The system provides for such forms of classes as lectures (available in recordings), webinars, individual consultations, testing, etc. in a remote mode. The educational websites are accessible to a wide range of learners, including those with disabilities. All users of these systems can access them from any location in the world via the Internet without installing additional software on their computers.  The systems enable students to combine individual and collective forms of work in the learning process. They are used to: support face-to-face and distance learning, collaborative work, including research groups, team discussion and decision making; and create individual user portfolios. Assessment of students with disabilities and special needs shall be organised taking into account the characteristics of their psychophysical development and individual capabilities. In addition to the specific conditions listed above, there are specific arrangements for training in physical education and sport. Classes for persons with disabilities and persons exempted from practical training shall be conducted in accordance with a special methodology. Physical education and sport classes for these categories of persons include: aerobics (with an exercise ball, stretching, fitness); oriental martial arts (wushu); skiing; athletics (recreational and fitness walking and running); swimming; Nordic walking; walking tourism; special programmes in recreational systems; general physical training (GP); checkers; and chess.


In accordance with the State Programme 'Accessible Environment 2011-2020' and the provisions of the Interdepartmental comprehensive plan to ensure accessibility of vocational education for disabled people and persons with special needs, St Petersburg University undertakes measures to ensure access to buildings for people with disabilities. Planning of major renovations of buildings shall include a mandatory section on 'Accessibility for Disabled Persons'.

Nine mobile ramps and one stairclimber were purchased in 2019 as part of the measures to organise access to the facilities of St Petersburg University. The Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of St Petersburg issued instructions for engineering of amenities (stationary ramps) for seven university facilities. These instructions were used to develop technical specifications and calculate cost estimates for the project.

The Admissions Office building of St Petersburg University at 13B Universitetskaya Embankment and the adjoining territory have been fully equipped with a ramp, a bell at the entrance door for disabled people to enter the building, internal access routes (including evacuation routes), and a lift.

The entrances of 65 buildings have been equipped with bells to call for assistance and contrasting markings, including eight buildings that traditionally host the information centres of the Admissions Office located at: 7-9-11 Universitetskaya Embankment; 3 Volkhovsky Lane; 62 Chaikovsky Street; 5 Mendeleevskaya Line; and 71 Bolshoy Prospect, Vasilyevsky Island.

Two halls of residence have been equipped to accommodate seven students with locomotive disabilities:
  • Hall of Residence No 3 (27 Solidarnosti Prospect): three-bed apartment (33.9 m2) on the ground floor with a kitchen and a shower/bathroom
  • Hall of Residence No 8 (15 Khalturina Street): an apartment (26.9 m2) and an apartment (30.1 m2). Apartments are located on the ground floor. Each apartment may accommodate two people and is equipped with special furniture and lavatory facilities with handrails.
  • The entrance to Hall of Residence No 6 (27/1 Solidarnosti Prospect) has been equipped with a ramp.
  • The entrance to Hall of Residence No 8 (15 Khalturina Street) is equipped with an electric stairlift.

Number of residential premises adapted for use by disabled people and persons with special needs: none

Access to buildings

As part of the first phase, accessibility data sheets have been developed for 71 buildings of St Petersburg University.

Six of the 78 academic buildings at St Petersburg State University are accessible to people with limited mobility:

  1. 29 14th Line, adjacent territory, entrance from the courtyard – entrance door equipped with a bell for persons with disabilities to enter the building; routes for moving inside the building (including emergency escape routes) with two ramps (portable/folding); for moving up and down staircases (one stepwalk); one cabin for disabled people in the lavatory on the 1st floor and one cabin on the 2nd floor
  2. 21-23-25A Tavricheskaya Street – fully accessible to all visitors, including: adjacent area; entrance hall with ramps; routes for moving inside the building (including evacuation routes); lifting equipment (two lifts with wide doors to the 4th floor, lifting platform from the 4th floor to 5th floor); lavatory for disabled people. The building is equipped with braille labels for the visually impaired, a mobile induction system for the hearing impaired, a folding wheelchair for persons in wheelchairs and persons with musculoskeletal disorders
  3. 109A Sankt-Petesburgskoe Shosse – adjacent territory, entrance group, access routes inside the building (including escape routes), sanitary facilities for disabled persons, lifting equipment
  4. 7A 22nd Line – entrance, route(s) inside the building (including evacuation routes), ramps, electric lifts, fully equipped lavatories, safety zones
  5. 58-60A Galernaya Street – adjacent area, entrance hall, internal routes (including evacuation routes), lifting equipment
  6. 20/1 Korablestroitelei Street (simulation centre) – equipped adjacent area, entrance hall, routes inside the building, lavatories for disabled people, electric stairlift
  7. 6A Makarova Embankment – partially accessible (lit. K,O); accessible adjacent area; entrance from the courtyard equipped with a ramp; lavatory with a cubicle for persons with limited mobility on the ground floor
  8. 5 Mendeleevskaya Line – partially accessible to visitors; adjacent area, entrance from Tiflissky Lane equipped with a ramp; routes for moving inside the building; mobile ramp stairlift; lavatory for persons with limited mobility on the 3rd floor

The research building at 17A Botanicheskaia Street, Peterhof, St Petersburg is partially accessible for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility.  There is a parking place for persons with disabilities, a ramp at the entrance to the building, and an equipped lavatory.

The buildings are equipped for different categories of people with limited mobility: for persons with locomotor disabilities – partly; for persons with visual impairment – partly; and for hearing impaired persons – partly.

Technical facilities and equipment

Information on access to information systems and telecommunication networks adapted for use by persons with disabilities and persons with special needs

Information on electronic educational resources adapted for use by persons with disabilities and persons with special needs:

Information on the availability of special technical equipment for shared and individual use by persons with disabilities and persons with special needs:

35 Universitetsky Prospect, Peterhof
  • braille display
  • braille printer
  • screen readers
7 22nd Line
  • screen readers, a workstation for the blind and visually impaired
21–23–25A  Tavricheskaya Street
  • portable induction system 'Potok A4'

Contests and events

Do you fancy working or doing an internship in a large Russian or international company? Take part in the Perspektiva's 'Path to a Career 2021' competition!

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Resource Training and Methodological Centre for the Education of Disabled Persons and Persons with Disabilities at higher education institutions in Russia invite students to take part in the 3rd All-Russian Network Competition of Student Projects ‘Professional Tomorrow’.

The Council of Rectors of the Universities of St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region announces an annual competition named after L. M. Shipitsyna 'Talent of Overcoming' among students with disabilities who have achieved high results in studies and research, studying at universities in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

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