Admissions Procedure

Applying for Russian Government Scholarship in 2022

  • Create a Personal Account
  • Fill in an Application Form in your Personal Account
  • Fill in a Scholarship Application Form
  • Remember to upload your photograph along with the signed Scholarship Application Form.
  • Create and Upload a Portfolio to your Personal Account
  • An Applicant’s Portfolio includes a set of required documents and a motivation letter.
  • List of the programmes and Required documents are listed on the official SPbU website: 
  • Bachelor & Specialist Degree Programmes
  • Master Degree Programmes 
  • Applicants who have successfully passed the competition are recommended for the Russian Government Scholarship.

For more information about Regulations for an Open Competition click here

Deadline for applicants for Russian Government scholarship: November 15 – February 28


Applying on Fee-paying Basis in 2022

  • Register for a Personal Account through the SPbU Admissions Committee website

  • Fill in an application for admission to the appropriate educational programme
  • Submit the required documents electronically through your Personal Account
  • Pass the competitive selection of documents (portfolio)
  • Wait until the results are announced. The list of applicants, who have successfully passed the competitive selection will be published by July 19th, 2022
  • Sign a student contract in case of a positive enrollment decision. Prepare all required documents before departure to Saint-Petersburg

Please, note if you need to get a Russian visa fill in an application form for visa invitation and submit it to Personal Account.

For more information please study Regulations for admission: Bachelor Programmes, Specialist Degree Programmes, Master Programmes.

Deadline for applicants to places on the fee-paying (contractual) basis: February 7 - June 21, except programme "Advanced Mathematics".