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Honoured Doctor of St Petersburg University

The title 'Honoured Doctor of St Petersburg University' is awarded to outstanding figures in research, education and culture, statespersons and public figures who have contributed to the development of international research, cultural, economic, and political cooperation. The Honoured Doctor has the right to take part in meetings of the Academic Council of St Petersburg University with the right of an advisory vote; deliver lectures; conduct research at St Petersburg University; and take part in the conferences, symposiums, and research readings at St Petersburg University.

List of the Honoured Doctors of St Petersburg University

Honorary Professor of St Petersburg University

The title 'Honorary Professor of St Petersburg University' is awarded for outstanding achievements in research and education that have significant impact on the development of research and education and have contributed to advancing the international recognition of St Petersburg University. The title can be awarded to a person who has a long experience in education and research at St Petersburg University, including at least 15 years with the title of professor.

Honorary Professors form the Collegium of Honorary Professors.

List of the Honorary Professors of St Petersburg University


Throughout the rich history of the University, graduates have become the Nobel Prize winners; ruled the country; headed ministries and departments; have become Olympic champions, poets, and discoverers.

List of famous alumni