Multifunctional payment assistant

An up-to-date solution to ensure convenience and transparency in payment transactions for the services your university offers.

The assistant will ensure flexibility in accepting the payments for the services offered by your university online from anywhere across the globe.

Developed and patented by St Petersburg University in 2019 (Patent No 2019619621), the Multifunctional Payment Assistant (MPA) is a comprehensive solution to manage all payments online. It can operate smoothly in any bank and accounting software.

This solution will be particularly useful if:

  • you have many sites where you need to accept payments of different directions
  • you aim to automate accounting business processes
  • you aim to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • you aim to organise payments for new services in just one day


Designed particularly for what universities may need

It has high performance and is designed to operate with a large number of orders and services of different directions. It is perfectly displayed on any device.

Perfectly documented

The platform has technical documentation for developers and a user manual. We also provide training for university staff.

One solution for all your financial needs

Through the payment gateway, the system can be integrated into other university services, including online learning systems and online stores. In this case, payments go through the platform, and all analytical data will be consolidated in one place.

Being able to work with any internet acquiring

We can add support for new banks for free, if necessary.

Facilitates the buying process

There is no need to write invoices or receipts or keep a lot of cash at the checkout.

Supports extensive marketing analytics in the best traditions of the digital economy

Evidently, accepting payments is easier and faster by using the MPA:

  • During over 10 months, we have received over 70,000 payments from 75 countries of the world
  • The period for organising payments for new services has been reduced to one day
  • The service is positively ranked and has received positive feedback on social networks
  • For most services, you no longer need to issue receipts
  • Through ensuring convenience, we have increased the number of orders and reduced accounts receivables by 30%
  • Many business processes have been automated

How to install the service at your university?

Contact us to arrange a meeting and deliver a presentation

After the first consultations, we will define the scope of work in implementing the solution and offer optimal conditions for cooperation

If necessary, we will prepare an offer for the purchasing department

You will carry out the public procurement procedure

We implement the project and integrate the MPA with the business processes of your university