Lawyer in the Field of Criminal Justice

40.04.01In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Issues of Criminal Procedure in the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
  • Advocacy: Business Games
  • Theoretical Issues in Criminal Investigation
  • Evaluation of Evidence in Criminal Cases
  • Prosecutor's Activities at Pre-Trial and Trial Stages of Criminal Proceedings
  • Issues in Investigating Corruption: Aspects of Criminal Procedure and Criminal Investigation
  • Comparative Criminal Procedure Law
  • Theory and Practice of Forensic Examination
  • Forensic and Medical Examination and Professional Activity of a Forensic Medical Expert
  • Judicial Control in Criminal Proceedings
  • Legal Regulation of Operative Search Activity
  • Coercive Measures in Criminal Procedure: Current Issues
Our advantages
  • The academic programme is designed to train specialists with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working in: courts; prosecutor’s offices; public defender’s offices; and preliminary investigation bodies.
  • During the training, students receive in-depth knowledge of: criminal law; criminology; forensic examination; and comparative law. The training is focused on the analysis of: investigative and judicial practice; and complicated issues in law enforcement.
  • The training in the master’s programme is based on interaction with law enforcement agencies. Representatives of law enforcement agencies, who employ graduates of the programme, propose and approve topics for research projects. They take part in the final certification; provide assistance in building the teaching methodological base; and provide present-day investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial internships.
  • Judges, investigators, and prosecutors who teach specific courses and give master classes are involved in the learning process.
  • The academic staff that provides the teaching of the main courses has a high level of qualifications and considerable experience in practical activities in: investigative agencies; courts; prosecutor’s offices; and public defender’s offices. The lecturers have substantial experience in teaching at higher education institutions and organisations that provide further training for lawyers. They are also involved as experts by: legislative authorities; the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation; the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation; the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation; and other government agencies. During the training, the academic staff uses cutting-edge teaching methods such as: information technology; case studies; role-playing; and business games.
International relations

Master’s students traditionally take part in a joint project of St Petersburg University and the University of Passau (Germany). The project provides for an annual exchange of students, during which they: make presentations at the University of Passau; visit courts, prosecutor's offices, and penitentiary facilities in various cities of Germany; and get acquainted with the legal system of Germany.

Main areas of research
  • Criminal procedure policy
  • Comparative law
  • Procedural functions and legal status of participants in criminal proceedings
  • Theoretical and practical issues in pre-trial proceedings
  • Methods of investigating certain types of crimes
  • Theory and practice of forensics
Career opportunities

The programme is aimed at training specialists equipped with a system of professional and general cultural competencies, in-depth knowledge in the field of criminal procedure law, criminal investigation, prosecutor's supervision. They are capable of independent professional activities in the field of criminal justice, free navigation in legal issues, judicial, investigative, prosecutorial practice and advocacy.

The graduates can work in preliminary investigation bodies, the court, the prosecutor's office, advocacy, and also in the field of legal services for businesses.