Russian Literature

45.04.01In russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Concepts of Modern Literary Theory
  • Fundamentals of Comparative Studies
  • Palaeography and Textual Criticism
  • Poetics of Old Russian Literature
  • Development of Russian Literature: 11th–20th Centuries
  • Text Semiotics
  • Modern Russian Literature
  • Textual Criticism of Modern Russian Literature
  • Theory and Practice of Scholarly Commentary
  • Theory of Literary Process
  • Narratology
  • History and Methods of Folklore Studies
  • Methods of Field Research
  • Fundamentals of Analysis of Traditional Text
  • Semantics and Pragmatics of Folklore
  • Folklore and Ritual in the Culture of Modern and Contemporary History
International cooperation

Master’s students can do internships at universities in Germany and Italy. They can also take part in international conferences, folklore expeditions and field seminars with an international composition of participants, which includes lecturers and scholars from universities in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Canada.

Main areas of research
  • History of Russian literature in the 11th – 21st centuries
  • Literary Theory
  • Folklore studies and mythology
Our advantages
  • Organic combination and complementarity of theoretical, applied and historical-literary courses as such, a significant part of which has no analogues in the domestic system of philological education;
  • Access to the media library on folklore, folk culture and folklore archive of St Petersburg University;
  • The scientific and pedagogical staff of the programme implement interesting research projects. These include: ‘Historical and Typological Description of the Russian Verse’; ‘Development of the Theory of Narrative Models of Narrative Structures: the Fundamental Problems of Modern Narratology’; the creation of an electronic anthology ‘Russian Literature of the 18th Century; compilation of N. S. Leskov's writings in 30 volumes and scientific; and the educational electronic resource ‘Folklore and Traditional Culture’.
Practical training and career opportunities

Practical training locations

  • The Institute of Russian Literature (Department of manuscripts, Department of bibliography and source studies, archives, departments of modern and contemporary literature, Department of literary relations, Division of the 18th century, Department of Pushkinogorie, the archive of phonograms, Division of folklore).