Organisation of Tourist Activities (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language)

43.03.02In english, chinese and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Main courses
  • Current Issues in State Policy in the Field of Tourism (in English)
  • Foreign Policy of China
  • History of China
  • History of Tourist Activities
  • Chinese
  • Organisational Culture and Human Resource Management
  • Culture and Ethnography of China
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Main Issues in the Theory and Practice of China's Modernisation: History and Modernity (in Chinese)
  • Fundamentals of Management in Tourism
  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Legal Regulation of Tourism
  • Russian-Chinese Relations
  • Socio-political System and Economy of China
  • Standardisation and Certification in Tourist Industry
  • Transportation Services in Tourism
  • Tour Operating
  • Economic, Social and Political Geography of t the World
  • Chinese Ethnopsychology (in Chinese)
Our advantages
  • The bachelor’s programme ‘Organisation of Tourist Activities (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language)’ meets the current requirements of the domestic labour market: a critical shortage of specialists in the organisation of tourist activities who speak Chinese.
  • The programme has been designed taking into account the needs of the professional community and has no competitors in the educational space of Russia. The structure and content of the programme are aimed at the development of professional competencies of graduates in the organisation and delivery of tourist services for work in tourism enterprises of any legal form.
  • Bachelor’s graduates speak English at a level comparable to B2 and Chinese.
  • Practical training and internships are carried out in the regions of Russia and in foreign countries.
  • Practical training and internships are carried out at tour operator and excursion organisations.
  • Students have the possibility to take part in conferences, seminars, symposia, including the annual Great Geographical Festival.
  • There is a long-term partnership with the Russian Geographical Society.
International relations
  • China Tourism Academy
Сareer opportunities

Graduates can start their careers as tourism instructors, tourism managers, including Russia–China related tourism, inbound (outbound) tourism operators, organisers of excursions for citizens from China, specialists in guided tours provision for tourist groups from China.