43.03.02In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Main courses
  • English for Professional Communication
  • World History and Cultural Heritage
  • History of Tourist Activities
  • Organisational Culture and Human Resource Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Management in Tourism
  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Regional History of Russia
  • Legal Regulation of Tourism
  • Standardisation and Certification in Tourist Industry
  • Area Studies
  • Technology of Domestic Tourism
  • Techniques of Selling Tourist Services
  • Transportation Services in Tourism
  • Tour Operating
  • Economic, Social and Political Geography of the World
  • Economics of Tourist Market
Our advantages
  • The programme is designed to train specialists who have: academic knowledge for information and analytical activities in the field of tourism; and practical skills in the development, promotion and marketing of a tourist product. This is best achieved on the basis of traditional university education, as well as through the involvement of leading specialists from the tourism industry in the educational process
  • Students take part in research expeditions, scientific conferences, seminars, symposia, including the annual Great Geographical Festival
  • The academic programme has been designed taking into account professional standards and the needs of employers
  • These are: a combination of practical and academic knowledge for information and analytical activities in tourism; and knowledge of technologies for the organisation and delivery of tour operator, travel agent and excursion services
  • Graduates of the bachelor’s programmes speak English at a level of proficiency comparable to the B2 level
  • Practical training and internships are held at tour operators and excursion companies in St Petersburg
  • The programme is implemented with the help of the Council of the academic programme, with leading representatives of the tourism industry being its members
Career opportunities

The graduates can start their careers as

  • Tourism instructors
  • Reservation managers
  • Travel products managers
  • Travel products promotion managers
  • Tourism managers
  • Travel products development managers
  • Inbound (outbound) tourism operators
  • Travel organisers
  • Sightseeing tour organisers
  • Tour operators
  • Tour guides.