Procedures for extending the period of stay for foreign citizens having entered the Russian Federation in the non-visa regime

Foreign citizens who stay at the SPbU Halls of Residence or private premises shall contact the Passport and Visa Support Department at least one calendar month before their current period of stay has expired and shall submit the following documents:

  • an application signed by an employee responsible for their main field of study,
  • a passport + copies of all pages (2 copies),
  • a migration card + its copy (2 copies) (except citizens of the Republic of Belarus),
  • the original of the detachable section of the notification form of migration registration + 1 copy,
  • a copy of the studying contract or the referral letter from the Ministry of Education and Science,
  • the order for admission to SPbU.

Upon receiving a migration card indicating prolongation of the period of stay at the Passport and Visa Support Department of St Petersburg University, foreign citizens residing at private addresses shall contact their «receiving party» within 3 working days to register their residence because of the extension of their period of stay.

The «receiving party» applies for migration registration either to the Division of the Administration for Migration Issues at the location of the relevant premises, or to the Multifunctional Centre (MFC), after which the detachable section of the notification form of migration registration is given to a foreign citizen.

NB!!! A foreign citizen shall submit a copy of the notification of migration registration to employees of the Passport and Visa Support Department of St Petersburg University.

We notify you that migration registration is legal only if it is applied for at the address of your actual residence and received by the owner of the private premises through authorised organisations: the Multifunctional Centre (MFC), the Administration for Migration Issues of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Post. Obtaining documents confirming your migration registration from third parties without being provided with a place of residence may lead to negative consequences for foreign citizens, up to and including expulsion from St Petersburg University and deportation from the Russian Federation.