Art Studies (History of Arts)

50.04.03In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Methodology of Art History
  • Theory of Art
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Russian Art and European Schools
  • National Identity in Art
  • History and Practice of Art Criticism
  • Contemporary Art: Concepts, History, Typology
  • Contemporary Curatorial Practices
  • Contemporary Art Studies
  • The Research and Preservation of Cultural Heritage: History, Modernity, Development Strategies
  • Art Museums of the World: History and Modernity
  • History and Practice of Art Criticism
Our advantages
  • The curriculum combines educational trajectories on the history of art at different times in Russia, Europe, the Muslim world, and the Far East. The programme provides: classroom hours and practical training; retreats; field internship; museum internship; and teaching and curatorial practices.
  • A key feature of the programme is its approach to the study of the history of art across different periods and national borders. The cross-cutting unifying issue for all courses of the programme is the issue of ‘national identity’ in present-day globalisation.
  • Teaching the history of art at St Petersburg University combines modern methods with traditional approaches that are characteristic of the school of art history, which has been formed at the University for around 150 years – since 1874.
  • Students acquire practical knowledge in the top museums of St Petersburg, including the State Hermitage and the Russian Museum.
  • Graduates have unique competencies in: the history and theory of Russian, European and Oriental art; and fundamentals of research, museum, curatorial, and teaching activities.
  • The programme provides an opportunity to become familiar with the current aesthetic and artistic issues, as well as with contemporary art practice.
  • After the training, graduates of the programme are capable of carrying out research, educational, cultural, organisational, managerial, expert, and analytical activities.
International relations
  • The University of Bergen (Norway)
  • Leiden University (the Netherlands)
  • The University of Groningen (the Netherlands)
  • The University of Belgrade (Serbia)
Main areas of research
  • Art of Western Europe
  • Art of the Islamic East
  • Art of the Far East
  • Art of the Modern Period
  • Art in the 20th century
  • Old Russian art
  • Russian art in the 18th century
  • Russian art in the 19th to 20th centuries