Bankruptcy Law

40.04.01In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • History of Bankruptcy: From Roman Law to the Present Day
  • General Concepts of Contemporary Russian Bankruptcy Law
  • Procedural Peculiarities of Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Legal Status of the Bankruptcy Commissioner
  • Debtor’s Asset Formation and Establishment of Debt Claims
  • Rehabilitation Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Security in Bankruptcy
  • Invalidity of Transactions in Bankruptcy
  • Liability in Bankruptcy
  • Taxes and Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency (Bankruptcy) of Certain Categories of Debtors
  • Private Bankruptcy
  • Transformation of Private Law Institutions in Bankruptcy
  • Cross-border Bankruptcy
Our advantages
  • The master's programme ‘Bankruptcy Law’ is unique in the present-day educational system. It provides students with an opportunity to master professional competencies for full legal support of any field of activity. The programme addresses the issue of changing (transforming) the actions of most legal institutions, both private and public ones, in case of a debtor’s insolvency.
  • Bankruptcy is an integral institute of the market economy. It is an institute designed to answer the questions: what to do in case the very ‘fears and risks’ that make up the essence of entrepreneurial activity occur; and what to do when the financial and economic basis of a person – natural or legal - is undermined and they cannot fulfil their obligations. In this regard, the specialisation of a lawyer in bankruptcy law is relevant, as also evidenced by the number of disputes related to bankruptcy in arbitration courts.
  • Institutes of challenges in bankruptcy, responsibility of persons controlling the debtor, subordination of claims of affiliated persons, and cross-border bankruptcy are actively developing. The programme responds to the question of what is happening with legal relations with the participation of the debtor in an abnormal situation caused by insufficient funds to satisfy all the claims of creditors.
  • Graduates of the programme may also be in demand in the field of supporting bankruptcy proceedings and collecting bad debts (this is currently a considerable share of the legal market). Additionally, they can apply the knowledge gained in any legal field, since the programme is devoted not only to procedural and proceeding issues, but primarily to substantive ones.
Main areas of research
  • The impact of insolvency (bankruptcy) of a corporation on the rights of its participants
  • Bankruptcy of groups of companies: prospects for development in the Russian Federation
  • The ratio of subsidiary liability for the impossibility of full repayment of creditors' claims with other types of civil liability
  • The ratio of challenging and colourable transactions
  • Rules of absolute and relative priority in a rehabilitation plan
Career opportunities
  • Legal adviser, company lawyer
  • Specialist in distressed assets management
  • Non-performing loan manager
  • Lawyer
  • Judge assistant
  • Judge
  • Lawyer in a consulting company
  • Public service employee of relevant ministries and government agencies
  • Bankruptcy commissioner