Foreign Languages and Translation in the Media

45.04.02In russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Media Discourse: Methodological Fundamentals
  • Media Text as a Product on Global Information Market
  • Strategic Communications in International Relations, Politics and Business
  • Business Communication in English in Intercultural Aspect
  • Teaching Techniques in English for Specific Purposes
  • Theoretical Basics of Translating and Interpreting
  • Cultural and Genre Characteristics of English Media Discourse: A Comparative Study of Electronic and Print Media
  • Media Text Translation
  • Consecutive Interpreting in Media Communication
  • Simultaneous Interpreting in Media Communication
Our advantages
  • The master's programme ‘Foreign Languages and Translation in the Media’ is a unique master’s programme in higher education in Russia.
  • The master's programme is designed to train much-in-demand experts who: successfully combine the skills of a linguist-translator/interpreter and an international journalist in their activities; feel familiar in the news agenda; are able to analyse political, social and economic, and cultural processes taking place in Russia and throughout the world; are capable of generating modern media texts of different types, taking into account the cultural aspects of the events covered, the requirements of diplomatic protocol and business etiquette; and are able to teach media disciplines in foreign languages.