Intercultural Communication and Translation in the Oil and Gas Industry

45.04.02In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Programme description
  • The oil and gas industry in Russia is the main source of state budget revenue and an international business. High calibre experts in intercultural communication and translation to carry out successful cooperation are always much-in-demand
  • The master’s programme "Intercultural Communication and Translation in the Oil and Gas Industry" is designed to train highly qualified specialists with an in-depth knowledge of English, as well as a second foreign language
  • The programme provides a unique opportunity to: receive intensive language training in the field of oil, gas and energy business; acquire comprehensive knowledge of intercultural business communication; master skills in translation management, creating term bases and translation localisation using the cutting-edge information technology; and improve skills in translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Graduates will be able to successfully apply their acquired skills in the following areas of research, applied and industrial activities: translation organisation and management; foreign trade; consecutive interpreting; use of computer-assisted translation; translation of technical and contractual documentation; their second foreign language in business; business writing; annotating; abstracting; and intercultural communication in foreign trade
Main courses
  • Tender Documentation Translation for Oil and Gas Projects
  • Features of Interpreting Startup Activities at the Site of an Oil and Gas Complex
  • Conference Interpreting of Technical Meetings in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Translation of Technical Drawings in CAD
  • Creating Term Glossaries and Termbase Management
  • Fundamentals of Linguistic Expert Evaluation
  • Legal Support of Translation Activities
  • Translation of Scientific and Technical Texts and Pre-translation Text Assessment
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Fundamentals of Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Practical English in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Spanish / Italian / French/ Chinese
  • Innovative Technologies in Translation (Computer-Aided Translation Tools)
  • Contract Documentation Translation
  • Business Writing, Abstracting and Annotations
  • Intercultural Communication in Crisis Situations
  • Introduction to Translation Theory
  • Introduction to Terminology
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication Studies
  • Business Rhetoric and Standards of Business Speech
  • Stylistics of Business Communication Discourse
  • Petroleum Engineering: From Geology to Ecology
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • International Protocol and Fundamentals of Protocol Event Management
  • Graduation Project Preparation
Our advantages
  • The master's programme "Intercultural Communication and Translation in the Oil and Gas Industry" is designed to train highly qualified specialists in: intercultural communication; international commerce; and interpreting and translation with an in-depth knowledge of English, as well as a second foreign language
  • Graduates of the programme will be in demand in the market. They will feel familiar with the oil and gas and energy industries. They will be able to provide qualified services in organising and managing translation projects and protocol events, taking into account the cultural characteristics of foreign partners
Main areas of research
  • Translation theory and practice
  • Intercultural communication
  • Computer-aided translation tools
  • Linguistics
Practical training and career opportunities


Graduates are ready for professional activities as:

  • A translator/interpreter in the oil and gas and energy industry with knowledge of computer-aided translation tools and the skills of post-editing machine translation
  • A manager in linguistic business (management of translation projects and translation departments)
  • A specialist in international commerce and protocol
  • A specialist in organisational and document support for corporate management
  • A professional training teacher