Lawyer in the Field of Financial Market (Financial Lawyer)

40.04.01In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Legal Aspects of State Regulation and Self-Regulation in the Financial Market
  • Legal Status of Credit Institutions
  • Legal Regulation of Depository and Settlement Transactions
  • Payment Systems
  • Current Issues in Legal Regulation of Securities Market
  • Legal Aspects of Investments in the Financial Market
  • Suppression of Illegal Acts in the Financial Market
  • Tax Operations in the Financial Markets
  • Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Competition Law
  • Legal Regulation of Advertising
  • Legal Regulation of Credit Operations
  • Consumer Protection in the Financial Market
Our advantages
  • The master's programme ‘Lawyer in the Field of Financial Market (Financial Lawyer)’ combines fundamental theoretical training based on the latest research in the field of the financial market with knowledge of legal precedents in the current legislation. An applied approach to the training focuses on solving practical problems. This makes it possible to teach skills in advisory services in the financial market. The academic staff uses cutting-edge teaching methods such as: information technology; case studies; role-playing; and business games. The training is focused on the analysis of law enforcement practice in order to develop various options for solving challenges of applying the law.
  • The academic programme has been designed taking into account the views of employers on the correlation of graduates’ competencies and job functions in their professional activities.
  • The programme is a set of courses that has no analogues in the system of legal education. Mastering them makes it possible to acquire a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of the financial market.
  • The structure of the academic programme makes it possible for students to obtain systemic knowledge of legal regulation in the financial market through: a set of economic courses; a set of special legal courses; and master classes from experienced practicing lawyers.
  • Students receive fundamental training in legal regulation in the financial market. This is the basis for their further research activities, and makes it possible to deepen their knowledge in doctoral programmes at St Petersburg University.
  • The academic programme provides students with an opportunity to publish their research findings. The areas of these studies result from direct communication with practicing lawyers specialising in the financial market.
  • During the training, students are provided with internship opportunities at leading Russian and foreign educational institutions.

The relevance of the master's programme is determined by:

  • global trends in finance;
  • structuring of the financial market as a separate segment of the economy, the separate elements of which are mutually dependent;
  • the increasing demand for highly qualified legal personnel capable of accompanying competently all types of financial transactions.
International relations
  • The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania)
  • Universität Hamburg (Germany)
  • Charles University (the Czech Republic)
  • Peking University (China)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
  • The University of Belgrade (Serbia)
  • The University of Passau (Germany)
  • Hanoi Law University (Vietnam)
Main areas of research
  • Legal status of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as a single regulator in the financial services market
  • Ways of social regulation in the financial services market: political and legal aspects
  • Self-regulation as a way of social regulation in the financial services market
  • Legal status of self-regulatory organisations in the financial market
  • Legal status of a qualified investor in the financial services market
  • Legal status of a non-qualified investor in the financial services market
  • International banking standards: implementation issues
  • Bonds as objects of civil rights
  • Legal regime of bonds in Russian law
  • Legal status of depositors and non-bank investors in the bond market of the Russian Federation
  • Legal regulation of structured financing
  • Implementation of international law in the financial market into the Russian national legal system: concept, challenges, and prospects
  • Close-out netting as a legal way to settle derivative liabilities
  • Legal regulation of close-out netting as an investor protection tool
  • Legal regulation of close-out netting in case of insolvency (bankruptcy) of a client of a professional participant (broker, trustee)
  • Legal instruments of risk hedging
  • Hedging as a legal tool for regulating currency risks
  • Trust management as a legal institution for investment transactions
  • Legal regulation of hedge funds
  • Legal regime for the mandatory margining of OTC derivatives
  • Legal regime for the mandatory margining as a way to ensure financial stability in the financial market
  • Legal regime for the global exchange of tax information: case studies of FATCA and CRS
  • Harmonisation of national tax laws as part of BEPS implementation: legal aspects
  • The impact of national regulation and (or) the regulator in the jurisdiction of incorporation on the issuance by the organisation of debt instruments outside the jurisdiction of incorporation: legal aspects
Career opportunities

The programme is aimed at training specialists with the required skills and competencies for the professional activity of a lawyer in the field of financial markets. Such lawyers are capable of practical implementation of professional activities in the field of legislation regulating the development of modern technologies and are competitive in the Russian and foreign labour markets.

  • Law enforcement in finance and provision of financial services by specialised entities
  • Lawmaking (norm-setting) activities
  • Law enforcement
  • Expert advice and consulting in finance and provision of financial services by specialised entities
  • Organisation and management in finance and provision of financial services by specialised entities