Social Psychology and Political Psychology

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Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Cross-Cultural Management. International Negotiations and Etiquette
  • Practical Classes in Methods of Social and Political Psychology
  • Psychological Consultancy in Politics
  • Psychology of Socio–Political Influence
  • Psychology for Business: Branding and Coaching
  • Psychology of Foreign Policy and Global Changes in the World
  • Psychology of Geopolitics and Power
  • Social Psychology of Communication: Communicative Competence Training
  • Psychology of Political Consciousness and Economic Behaviour
  • Psychology of Political Communication
  • Psychology of Public Relations
  • Social Psychology of Personality: Practical Classes in Evaluation of Personality Profiles
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Social Psychology of Groups: Self-Presentation and Public Speaking Training
  • Social Psychology in Organisations: Training in Organisational Development
  • Cross-Cultural Management: International Negotiations and Etiquette
  • Psychological Problems of Development of Political Parties in Russia
  • Social Psychology in the Media Landscape
  • Coaching Skills
Career opportunities

The programme is aimed at training competent psychologists capable of development, implementation and examination of technologies aimed at diagnosis, professional support and correction of interpersonal, intragroup and inter-group relations in production, education, family. They can also implement programmes aimed at increasing the socio-psychological competence of specialists in various activities.

The graduates are trained to work at:

  • state, political and municipal institutions (HR specialist, psychologist, social psychologist, political psychologist, consultant in the field of social and political processes support, political journalist, analyst, election campaign manager)
  • organisations and enterprises belonging to various industries and forms of ownership (psychologist, HR manager)
  • consulting firms, recruitment agencies and training centres (trainer, business coach, HR specialist, head of consulting companies or projects, consulting psychologist)