Management of Real Estate Objects and Development of Territories

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Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Real Estate Cadastre and Land Management
  • Territory Development Project Management
  • Management of Land and Property Complexes
  • Economics and Real Estate Evaluation
  • Development Management
  • Geodetic Support of Territory Management
  • Geoinformatics and Geographical Information Systems
  • Legal Support for Property Management
  • Information Technologies in the Field of Real Estate Management
  • Information Security and Information Protection
  • Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning
  • Environmental Aspects of Territory Development
Our advantages
  • The programme ‘Management of Real Estate Objects and Development of Territories’ is aimed at the comprehensive training of students who will be ready to solve strategic and operational job tasks in the field of managing real estate objects and development of territories. It is based on a complex of geographical, economic, legal, information and technical competencies.
  • During the training, students receive fundamental knowledge in the field of: land and property relations; information systems and administration technologies; economics and management of real estate and territories; records and registration of real estate objects; legal aspects of real estate management and territorial administration.
  • Graduates of the programme are highly sought after. State organisations and private enterprises have an urgent need for specialists who are aware of the new technologies and methods for real estate management and territorial administration in the context of city management. These include using information and GIS technologies.
  • The programme is unique in that it combines a wide fundamental university education with an individual approach to each student and provides a wide range of academic courses. It also provides an opportunity to carry out research in: industry-specific organisations of St Petersburg; government agencies; and local governments under the Agreements of these organisations with St Petersburg University.
  • The programme has been designed taking into account professional standards, the views of employers, and the suggestions of the council of the academic programme. The council consists of representatives of relevant public authorities of St Petersburg in the field of urban planning, land management, and management of land and property relations.
International relations

Students can use opportunity to take part in various student exchange programmes within the framework of international agreements of St Petersburg University and international academic mobility programmes: Campus Europae, Eranet-Mundus, Finnish-Russian CrossBorder University (CBU), Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Exchange Programme (FIRST).

Main areas of research
  • Project management of territory development
  • Management of land and property complexes
  • Land use forecasting, planning and engineering
  • Rational use and protection of land resources
  • Management and development of real estate objects
  • Spatial planning and management
  • Renovation and development projects of built-up areas
  • Inventory, cadastral appraisal and registration of real estate objects
  • GIS Support of territory management
  • Development and registration of real estate objects
  • Environmental aspects of territory development
  • Legal aspects of real estate and territory management