Master in Management — MIM

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Два диплома Double degree programme

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Full description

Master in Management is the only master's programme in Russia included in The Financial Times and The Economist international rankings. The programme includes a wide range of both fundamental and advanced management disciplines; it is therefore suitable for students with any bachelor's degree. The programme can help those who are not familiar with management to retrain and strengthen their management knowledge and skills. It also helps those who want to deepen their existing knowledge of management to build a career in various divisions of Russian and international companies.

During the training, students of the programme acquire universal management skills for various departments of Russian and international companies, including development, marketing, logistics, and analytics. These skills make it possible to: work quickly and effectively anywhere in the world; make informed decisions based on modern knowledge and global vision; and continue building an academic career in postgraduate programmes.

Key Skills
  • Flexible skillset in the field of company and project management
  • Comprehensive understanding of the operation of companies and their divisions
  • Project management at any stage: from development to sales analysis

What will you learn?

The curriculum of the first year is focused on mastering fundamental disciplines in management. Then, students are provided with an opportunity to build their own educational path choosing from elective courses, including: international business; innovation management; marketing; supply chain management; entrepreneurship; innovation; and research methods.

Workshops and training on developing ‘soft’ skills help to broaden students’ practical skills, which are essential for modern managers. The training plan includes training in: making presentations and team working; developing business correspondence and negotiation skills; developing communicative and social skills; and skills in working with special software products. All training involves the active involvement of representatives of Russian and international companies: corporate partners of the Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU).

The programme is designed to develop multi-skilled specialists: both in terms of professional business skills and in terms of communicative and leadership skills.

Entering Research and Professional Community

Scientific and business events:

The Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU) holds annual scientific conferences, including: the GSOM Emerging Markets Conference; Game Theory and Management; and Pashkus Readings. Leading business representatives deliver master classes and lectures. These are implemented both within the curriculum and within the projects of certain divisions of the School. Students of the programme actively participate in case championships, including those organised by wellknown companies: L’Oreal, Mars, KPMG, Unilever, BCG, and PWC. To develop students within the framework of this activity, there is also a career project GSOM Case Club, which both helps in preparing for the championships and organises master classes, lectures and open interviews with professionals from consulting companies.

Career activities:

The GSOM SPbU is unique in that it supports students and graduates from the organisations and departments of the School. The Career Center helps build a career. The Talent Up! Mentorship programme helps students make new acquaintances and gain experience useful for personal and professional development. There are regular lectures and training on self-development and professional events, which are organised with the active support of corporate partners.

Moreover, GSOM SPbU alumni are part of the GSOM Family community of professionals, united by common values and knowledge, working in a variety of fields and organisations in Russia and abroad. This opens up ample opportunities for self-realisation of GSOM SPbU alumni. GSOM Family Day is held annually. It is a global meeting of alumni, students, academics and partners of GSOM SPbU.

Management Career Week is held twice a year. It is the largest career event at GSOM SPbU. During the week, students have the opportunity to: receive career advice; communicate with coaches; and get acquainted with business representatives. The central event is a job fair and HR speed dating, where students get to know potential employers.

There is also a Coaching Center at GSOM SPbU, which provides comprehensive support to students on the path of their professional identity and building a career based on a deep understanding of personal aspirations, opportunities, and orientations. The career counselling programme based on coaching tools ‘Go for Coaching’, implemented at the Center, enables master’s students to gain knowledge of the fundamentals of coaching and try themselves as coaches in practice.

Other extracurricular activities

GSOM SPbU supports international students through the Buddy Program and CEMS Club.

The Buddy Program organises a number of introductory activities in order to help foreign students: to adapt to an alien environment faster; make new friends; and feel at ease from the moment of arrival at the airport / railway station and moving into the halls of residence, as well as throughout the academic semester. The CEMS Club is a student organisation aimed at helping CEMS students get the most out of their CEMS semester at GSOM. The club organises seminars and meetings with corporate partners, professional master classes, and cultural and entertainment events.

The GSOM Charity Club is a charity project that brings together volunteers, attracts new members and selects offers from charitable foundations for them.

The GSOM Green campus is a project whose main goal is to ensure that GSOM SPbU operates in accordance with Sustainable development best practice and principles.

GSOM students, including those in the MIM programme, also take part in the projects and events listed above as organisers. This enables them to acquire ‘live’ experience in the area of their interest.

Key Features of the Programme
  • Focus on practical skills: case studies and analysis of modern practices, guest lectures and courses from leading business practitioners, business representatives and government officials.
  • Teaching staff with relevant experience in leading international business schools, including guest lecturers from the best foreign business schools as well as leaders of the professional community.
  • The programme is implemented in English in a cross-cultural environment, which helps to enhance the competitiveness of alumni in the international job market.
  • A variety of fundamental courses in management with a range of elective courses to choose from in international business, innovation management, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Students have an opportunity to get a second degree from the international Global Alliance for Management Education — CEMS Alliance, as well as participate in joint programs with the Higher School of Commerce of Paris (HEC) and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT).
  • Students can, on a competitive basis, take a semester of study abroad at one of the leading universities / business schools included in a wide list of academic partners of St Petersburg University.
  • Students have the opportunity to learn a second foreign language for an additional competitive advantage (French, German, Spanish, Russian as a foreign language). A second foreign language is part of the curriculum and a mandatory requirement for all students.
Main academic courses:
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Methods for Business Research
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • International Business Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing-Management
  • Business Analytics and Big Data
  • Marketing in Social Media
  • Smart Technologies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Economic Governance
  • Behavioral Economics and Decision Making
  • Professional Skills of Managers
  • Consulting Project
  • Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish, Russian)
Teaching Staff
  • Tatiana Gavrilova, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Head of the Department of Information Technologies in Management at St Petersburg University, Chair of the Programme Committee of the International Conference on Intelligent Computer Technologies
  • Tatiana Samsonova, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Operations Management at St Petersburg University, Founder and Managing Director of IPERF - International Institute for Research Performance Management
  • Mustafa Deniz Dalman, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing at St Petersburg University