Romance Languages

45.04.02In russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Spanish / Italian / French / Portuguese / Romanian
  • Second Romance Language
  • Modern Spoken Romance Languages
  • Communication Theory
  • Language Policy of the European Union
  • Phraseology of Romance Languages
  • Comparative Typology of Romance Languages
  • Teaching Practice
  • Modern Theory of Meaning
  • Old Spanish / Old Italian / Old French / Old Portuguese
Our advantages
  • Continuity of the traditions of the oldest scientific schools in Russia
  • Uniquely designed courses, cutting-edge methods, and technical equipment for education
  • In-depth study of the specialised and sought-after translation industry
  • A wide range of issues and research methodology in the field of foreign languages
  • The state-of-the-art level of training and implementation of the programme provides international mobility and academic recognition of the high professional competence of students in Romance language speaking countries.
  • A unique opportunity to take part in international academic mobility programmes under inter-university agreements of St Petersburg University
  • Cutting-edge technologies and teaching methods; regard for the achievements of Russian and foreign teaching methods and didactics in higher education
International relations
  • Students have an opportunity to study at partner universities of the target language countries.
Main areas of research
  • Terminology studies and lexicography
  • Literary translation
  • Main types of translation/interpreting activities
  • Texts of various functional and style systems: media, advertising, academic texts, and others
  • Comparative studies of linguistic phenomena of different levels: Romance languages and the Russian language
Career opportunities


  • Research associate in academic institutions and research projects
  • Translator consultant in translation departments of various companies
  • Personal assistants with a knowledge of foreign languages
  • Escorting interpreter
  • Faculty member
  • Translator/interpreter