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Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • History of Sociology: Classical Foundations of Modern Sociology
  • Modern Sociological Theories
  • Human Factor in Politics
  • Sociology of Economy
  • Research Methodology and Methods in Sociology
Our advantages
  • Graduates acquire knowledge complying with the international standards for a master’s in Sociology training.
  • Appropriate training is provided for those master's students who plan further doctoral studies at leading Russian or foreign universities.
  • There are ample opportunities to participate in research activities in the field of social sciences.
  • Our master's students have an opportunity to take part in international academic exchange programmes at leading universities in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Up-to-date server equipment and unique specialised software of the Centre for Sociological and Internet Research makes it possible to conduct Internet and telephone surveys using self-administered questionnaires, focused interviews in video mode, and monitoring of the content of social networks.
  • A master's degree in sociology is one of the most demanded degrees in the modern labour market.
  • Fundamental training in social sciences is provided.
  • Students acquire applied knowledge and skills to solve socially significant problems.
Career opportunities

The programme is aimed at training highly qualified sociologists capable of working at Russian and international companies and organisations dealing with analytical, consulting, research and educational activities.

The graduates can work as sociologists, marketing experts, PR specialists, social analysts, researchers, experts, human resources specialists, specialists in social consulting and social audit, teachers of social sciences at higher education institutions.