Applied Art

54.03.02In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Programme description
  • The bachelor's programme ‘Applied Art’ provides a fundamental liberal university education, and the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge, skills and creative techniques in applied art
  • Course structures consistently reveal semantic codes in different cultures and enable students to use them to create their own creative projects
  • The programme includes: the study of painting, drawing and sculpture; training in the creation of compositions in a variety of materials and techniques: ceramics, hot enamel, porcelain painting, hand weaving, batik, tapestry; and an in-depth study of the history of fine and applied arts in the Russian Ethnography Museum, the Hermitage, and the Kunstkamera. This provides students not only with the extensive evidence base, but also generates creativity in the creation of their original works of applied art 
Main courses
  • History of Russian and Foreign Art and Culture
  • History of Applied Art
  • Academic Painting
  • Academic Drawing
  • Academic Sculpture and Plastic Modelling
  • Composition and Making Compositions in Material: Ceramics, Porcelain Painting, Textiles, Hot Enamel
  • Information Technology and Computer Graphics
  • Technical Drawing
  • Traditional Industries and Crafts of Peoples of the World
  • Artistic Design of Object-Spatial Environment
Our advantages

The programme is designed to train artists of Applied Art, who, using modern fine arts, creative production and information technology, will be able to create independent, unique, aesthetically sophisticated works of art and to form an integral subject-spatial environment with the cultural context taken into account.

Practical training and career opportunities

Practices at

The State Hermitage Museum

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences