Graphic Design

54.03.01In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Programme description
  • The bachelor's programme ‘Graphic Design’, implemented at St Petersburg University, provides exceptional opportunities for training graphic designers in the context of professional interdisciplinary relations
  • Along with the fundamental academic liberal education, the academic programme provides an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge, skills and technology in graphic and communicative design
  • Uniquely-designed teaching techniques of profession-oriented courses at the bachelor’s level train multiskilled graphic designers capable of: independently designing objects of visual information, identification and communication; designing replicated graphic products; designing integrated graphic systems; and performing projects of multimedia design, museum design, event design, and design for social innovations and sustainable development 
Main courses
  • History of Foreign Architecture and Art
  • History of Russian Architecture and Art
  • History of Design
  • Philosophy and Theory of Design
  • Communication Technology in Design
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture and Plastic Modelling
  • Design Project Development
  • Computer Technology
  • Printing Technologies
  • Multimedia technology in Design
  • Photographic Technologies
  • Font
  • Typography
  • Printing Graphics Techniques
Our advantages
  • The programme is designed to train multiskilled designers who have the ability to synthesise a set of possible solutions or approaches to the implementation of a design project, relying on a system of fundamental knowledge in the field of theory and history of design and related applied sciences.
  • The graduates of the programme know the methods and technologies of classical techniques of easel graphic works, painting, drawing, computer technology, and fundamental rules and principles of typography. They are able to create a complete design product, starting from goal setting based on the conceptual creative approach to solve the design problem to the execution of the author's work of graphic design or a sample for industrial replication.
Practical training and career opportunities

Practices at

  • Design laboratory ‘DESIS SPbU’
  • The St Petersburg Media Centre
  • The University museums, laboratories and clinics
  • The St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts
  • St Petersburg museums
  • The St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design ‘Forma’
  • Kirov Central Park of Recreation and Culture (Yelagin Island) 
  • The Moscow Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design
  • The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


Graduates embark on a career in publishing houses and printing companies, advertising and PR-agencies, enterprises, banks and mass media agencies, architectural, design and construction companies.