Film and Television Costume Designer

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Level of education Specialist

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 6 years

Programme description
  • The specialist’s programme ‘Film and Television Costume Designer’ is designed to train film and television costume designers who are brought up in the traditions of the Russian classical school of fine arts and at the same time specialists who are aware of both traditional and modern techniques and technologies of film production
  • Special attention is paid to the humanities, including the history and theory of arts. The programme also provides practical training in workshops and shooting areas of film studios. Students are engaged in the real production and creative process of film making. Such content of the programme curriculum makes it unique and provides an opportunity to receive a fundamental classical university education
  • The training is conducted through uniquely designed techniques developed on the basis of significant practical experience of teachers. An essential part of the programme is to provide future artists with knowledge and respect for the world artistic heritage
Main courses
  • Film and Television Costume Design – Composition
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • History of Costume
  • Technology and Materials Science
  • Costume Modelling
  • Reconstruction of Historical Costume
  • History of Cinematography
  • Fundamentals of Film Directing
  • Fundamentals of Motion Picture Photography
  • History of Foreign Art and Culture
  • History of Russian Art and Culture
  • Surface Anatomy
  • Computer Graphics
  • Painting Techniques and Painting Materials
Our advantages
  • The programme is unique in that it is the only programme in St Petersburg that provides the opportunity to receive professional education and an uncommon speciality ‘Film and Television Costume Designer’
  • Students receive a fundamental university education
  • The programme provides practical training at the school of film designers using unique creative techniques that are as close as possible to modern film production practices
  • The academic system of teaching art disciplines is combined with active creative training and the search for new visual forms
  • The teaching staff are qualified. The training is provided by prominent film and costume designers from the ‘Lenfilm’ film studio, and leading St Petersburg painters and graphic artists. Practical classes are held at film studios in St Petersburg and across the country
  • Graduates are in demand in film studios across Russia
  • Practical training is held at film studios in St Petersburg and across Russia
Career opportunities

Graduates of the programme are ready to work in cinema and television and in various fields of creative activities: easel, theatrical, monumental painting; easel and book graphics; design; and photo and video art.