Stage and Film Actor

52.05.01In english and russian

Level of education Specialist

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Programme description
  • The specialist's programme ‘Stage and Film Actor’ combines a fundamental classical liberal education with specialised education in theatrical art
  • Techniques for training professional skills are based on: the best traditions of Russian theatrical school; and creative methods of leading actors and theatre pedagogy
  • The programme also includes a uniquely designed training course on the specific features of the actor's work in films and television that is relevant in modern film and television production
Main courses
  • Acting techniques in theatre and cinema
  • Scenic speech
  • Scenic movement
  • Stage fencing
  • Acrobatics
  • Dancing
  • Vocal group
  • Solo singing
  • History of music
  • History of Russian theatre
  • History of theatre abroad
  • History of cinematography
  • History of costumes
Our advantages
  • The programme is designed to train actors of drama theatre and cinema that will be capable of: working in a creative team; preparing and performing roles in dramatic performances of different genres as well as in films and on television; and using the basic techniques of acting and communication skills with the audience.
  • Graduates of the programme are also ready to: perform the duties of the assistant director; and teach the basics of acting, stage speech, and rhetoric to name just a few.
Career opportunities

Graduates start their careers:

  • At professional theatres and cinema
  • On the stage 
  • On radio and television
  • In institutions of secondary vocational and additional education
  • Become the founders of amateur theatre companies