Museology and Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites

51.03.04In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Programme description
  • Museums as a special cultural form have existed for more than two centuries. During this time, practices of museum studies have developed and been defined, and types of museums, their specific features and functions have taken shape. However, current trends in the development of society have changed museum development strategies, bringing to the forefront the need to take into account socio-political priorities in the preservation and revision of cultural objects in Russia
  • The programme is therefore aimed at training competitive specialists with: a high level of professional culture; and fundamental knowledge of museology and the protection of cultural and natural heritage sites. Graduates of the programme are capable of and ready for independent socially oriented research, and creative and teaching activities. At present, such experts are much-in-demand by Russian cultural institutions
  • The programme has an academic site for practical training – the ‘Museum Quarter/St Petersburg’ inter-museum project. The academic programme is designed for school leavers who want to become unique specialists in the preservation and actualisation of Russia's cultural heritage
Main courses
  • History of Art
  • History of Material Culture
  • History of World Museums
  • History of World Culture
  • Aesthetics
  • History of World Religions
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Museology
  • Theory of Art
  • Display and Exhibition Work in a Museum
  • Documentation of Historical and Cultural Monuments
  • Museumification of Cultural Heritage Sites and Objects
  • Excursion Work
  • Research and Collections Management in a Museum
  • Restoration and Preservation of Museum Objects
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Russia
  • The Legal Framework of Cultural Heritage Preservation
  • Management and Marketing in Museum Practice
  • Professional Ethics
  • Technological Advance and Information Technology in Museum Work
  • Natural Scientific Methods in Preservation and Restoration of Museum Objects
  • Museum Pedagogy
  • Supportive Courses in History
  • Attribution and Authentication of Works of Decorative and Applied Art
Our advantages
  • The programme has been created and is being implemented in cooperation with the State Hermitage Museum
  • Practical training is held in the leading museums of St Petersburg
  • Students acquire fundamental knowledge of the humanities and social sciences
  • They master skills in the practical implementation of knowledge in the field of museum theory and practice
  • They master skills in the practical implementation of knowledge in the field of museum and exhibition, and museum and educational activities
  • They master skills in the practical implementation of knowledge in the field of preservation of cultural heritage
  • Graduates of the programme receive an exceptional opportunity to apply their knowledge in: expert bureaus; galleries and exhibition rooms; historical, ethnographic and tourist information centres; research and design organisations in the field of culture; government agencies in charge of administration and protection of cultural monuments; and public and private organisations in the tourism business both in Russia and abroad 
International relations
  • Belarusian State University
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (Germany)
  • University of Passau (Germany)
  • University of Southern Denmark, the Faculty of Humanities (Denmark)
  • Tianjin Normal University (China)
  • Collegium Civitas (Poland)
  • Charles University (the Czech Republic)
  • University of Ostrava (the Czech Republic)
  • Hiroshima City University (Japan) 
Practical training and career opportunities

Practices at

  • Museum and technological internships and practice in guiding tours
  • The State Hermitage Museum
  • The Popov Central Museum of Communications
  • The State Museum of the History of Religion
  • The Russian Museum of Ethnography
  • Leningrad Defence and Siege Museum
  • The State Russian Museum
  • The State Museum-Reserve ‘Peterhof’ 


  • Museum documentation specialist
  • Custodian
  • Curator of exhibition projects
  • Research Worker
  • Guide